When it comes to designing Variable Refrigerant Systems, how the Outside Air is factored in will play a major role in the design and overall satisfaction of the end-user.  There are several questions that can be asked regarding this topic. Comment on this post with your answers so we can discuss these ideas together. Relate your answers to the Southwestern US.

  1. What is the standard design strategy for incorporating outside air into variable refrigerant systems in the Southwestern US?
  2. What peak summer design conditions are assigned in the design of these systems?
  3. Parallel or in-series for outside air delivery, what do you prefer, or which do you think is the better solution?
  4. Was an audit/analysis done of the long-term performance of the system and if so, what was the outcome? Did you meet your target? Were there any surprises? 
  5. Do you feel technicians are properly trained for the installation and maintenance of these systems?

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