Climatec to Varitec. A 45-year legacy of leadership.

In 1975 we opened our doors as Climatec, a manufacturers’ rep for HVAC equipment and air distribution products. Over the years, our single office expanded to include 850 employees in 13 different locations across the southwest. Our product lines also grew to encompass access controls, security and life safety systems. This new venture was eventually called the Building Technology Group or “BTG.”

In late 2015, privately held Robert Bosch, GmbH, recognizing the shared core values between the two companies, completed the acquisition of BTG. In light of this transition, we, Climatec’s Engineered HVAC Solutions business, seized the opportunity to “re-brand” ourselves as Varitec, drawing inspiration from the groundbreaking variable technology in the industry.

Despite the name change, we have held to the bedrock infrastructure of meeting every customers unique needs through top notch customer service and quality products.

“Our unique 45-year legacy of leadership in Engineered HVAC Solutions, blended with our industry-leading experts and world-leading products is the foundation of Varitec’s success. Since 1975 our passion has remained the same:. to make buildings more efficient and more comfortable for our clients.”

Jack Kucera
President of Varitec