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The Lily’s Pad AZ project, aimed at safeguarding immunocompromised children in a playground setting, involved major players like Architekton, Applied Engineering, and Varitec Solutions in modernizing IAQ through the introduction of Building4Health (B4H) monitors. This crucial upgrade in an existing building ensured a continuously monitored, safe environment for the children’s health.

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At the heart of Lily’s Pad AZ lies not just an ambitious project but a groundbreaking renovation venture meticulously conceived to offer a safe refuge for immunocompromised children. This project, marked by innovation and dedication, was brought to life through the synergistic efforts of Architekton, Baylor University, Applied Engineering, and Varitec Solutions. Each entity brought its distinct expertise to the fore, aiming to fulfill the stringent needs of this special group of children, with Varitec Solutions playing a pivotal role as the linchpin in this collaboration.

The inception of Lily’s Pad AZ was deeply personal, inspired by the touching story of Lily, a vibrant young girl whose diagnosis of leukemia at the tender age of three brought to light the harsh reality faced by children with compromised immune systems. The initiative aimed to transcend these challenges by creating a hyper-clean, emotionally supportive, and mentally enriching environment for children like Lily to play and thrive, unfettered by the constraints their conditions imposed.

Varitec Solutions’ pivotal seminar on building health underscored the essence of the project—prioritizing air quality as a fundamental component of the facility’s design. This emphasis led to the strategic installation of Building4Health (B4H) monitors throughout the facility, ensuring a living, breathing environment where continuous, real-time monitoring of air quality is paramount. These monitors, adept at detecting a wide range of contaminants including CO2, CO, SO2, NO2, ozone, and TVOCs, reflect a commitment to creating a haven where air quality supports rather than endangers health.

The introduction of these B4H monitors, alongside the expertise brought by Applied Engineering in the design of an HVAC system that champions Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), underscores the project’s innovative spirit. By integrating ceiling-mounted, fan-powered HEPA filters, the system facilitates an even distribution of clean air, ensuring every corner of Lily’s Pad AZ remains a sanctuary against potential airborne pathogens. This engineering marvel, coupled with a humidification system that meticulously maintains humidity levels between 40% to 60%, embodies the application of ASHRAE’s guidelines to minimize the risk of aerosolized infections.

Beyond the technological and engineering feats, the project navigated significant challenges, from fundraising difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic to the unforeseen need to find a new location after the original land was sold. Despite these hurdles, the resilience of the community and the unwavering support from various stakeholders allowed Lily’s Pad AZ to transform from a vision into a reality. The facility not only incorporates rigorous cleaning protocols and safety measures but also partners with organizations focused on providing comprehensive emotional and mental health support to visiting families.

Lily’s Pad AZ thus sets a new paradigm in the design of spaces catered to the needs of immunocompromised children. It is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets compassion, offering more than just a play area but a beacon of hope and support for families navigating the challenges of immunocompromised conditions. Through the concerted efforts of Architekton, Applied Engineering, and Varitec Solutions, Lily’s Pad AZ stands as a hallmark of design excellence and a model for future projects aimed at serving vulnerable populations, ensuring that the legacy of Lily and countless other children continues to inspire and make a tangible difference in the world.