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The DeMiguel Elementary School HVAC upgrade was part of a broader initiative by the Flagstaff Unified School District to enhance cooling and energy efficiency in its schools. This project marks a significant step towards improving the school’s infrastructure, ensuring a comfortable learning environment.

Design & Product Solutions

The DeMiguel Elementary School HVAC upgrade, part of the Flagstaff Unified School District’s initiative, was a project with a clear vision of modernization, efficiency, and adaptability. At the core of this project was the installation of a Daikin VRV system in the classrooms, marking a significant first in the school’s history: the introduction of a mechanical cooling system. The choice of VRV technology was driven by its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the advantage of causing minimal disruption to the school’s daily activities.

Simultaneously, the administrative area of the school underwent a significant upgrade. The existing chiller was replaced with a new, more efficient 25-ton Daikin chiller. This change was crucial for enhancing the cooling efficiency and reliability within the administrative block, ensuring a comfortable environment for staff and visitors.

A noteworthy aspect of this upgrade was the integration of the Turntide system for advanced remote monitoring. This system allows for sophisticated control and oversight of the HVAC system, which is essential for efficient facility management. The ability to monitor and adjust the system remotely brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to the school’s operations.

The implementation of each component, from the VRV systems in the classrooms to the new chiller in the administrative area, was carefully tailored. The planning and execution were meticulously done to meet the specific spatial and functional requirements of DeMiguel Elementary. This attention to detail in equipment selection and system design was aimed at maximizing efficiency and minimizing any potential disruption.

Overall, the HVAC upgrade at DeMiguel Elementary School stands as a prime example of a strategic approach to improving school infrastructure. It focused on incorporating energy-efficient solutions, modern technology, and customized implementations to specifically address the needs of an educational environment.