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The HVAC upgrade at Sturgeon Cromer Elementary, part of the broader Flagstaff Unified School District initiative, was a significant step in enhancing the school’s climate control capabilities. This project was undertaken with a focus on introducing efficient and adaptable cooling solutions to create a more comfortable and conducive learning environment.

Design & Product Solutions

At Cromer Elementary, the HVAC overhaul was characterized by the replacement of existing hot water air handlers with advanced Daikin chilled/hot water units.

These units were selected for their ability to fit various cabinet sizes, making them ideal for the unique spatial constraints of the school. In addition to this, a Daikin Air Cooled Chiller equipped with a pump package was installed, significantly upgrading the school’s ability to provide reliable and consistent chilled water.

The HVAC upgrade at Cromer Elementary not only brought modern cooling technology to the school but also demonstrated a keen understanding of the need for flexible and scalable solutions in educational environments. The project highlighted the importance of selecting the right equipment to meet specific site requirements while ensuring minimal disruption to the school’s daily operations.