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The HVAC upgrade at Mount Elden Middle School (MEMS), as part of the Flagstaff Unified School District’s improvement plan, focused on modernizing the school’s heating and cooling systems. This project was integral to enhancing the overall environment of the school, ensuring a comfortable and efficient climate for students and staff.

Design & Product Solutions

At MEMS, the upgrade involved a comprehensive overhaul of the existing climate control systems. The project included replacing the outdated unit ventilators in classrooms and fan coils in the administrative area with new Daikin chilled/hot water units. These replacements were specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the school’s existing infrastructure, providing enhanced cooling and heating capabilities.

A key component of this upgrade was the addition of a Daikin Air Cooled Chiller, complete with an integrated pump package. This state-of-the-art chiller system was chosen for its reliability and efficiency, ensuring a consistent supply of chilled water throughout the school. The implementation of this system at MEMS Middle School exemplifies the district’s commitment to adopting advanced technology for improved energy efficiency and environmental comfort in its educational facilities.

Overall, the HVAC upgrade at MEMS was a strategic initiative, focusing on upgrading to more efficient, reliable, and suitable systems that cater to the specific needs of a middle school setting. The project not only enhanced the school’s climate control capabilities but also aligned with the district’s goal of creating optimal learning environments.